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The story thus far…

December 3, 2009

Having been inspired by some other amazing blogs I’ve come across I’ve decided to commit to paper – or, in fact, virtual white box – the wonderful, crazy, terrifying, financial, exciting, challenging and amazing experience of moving in with someone I like rather a lot. The count down is starting now, three months to M Day (Moving Day).

My fella of choice, Yorkshire Boy, will be moving from Leytonstone, a rather grey area of East London that would be a lot worse if it wasn’t the birthplace of at least two awesome Britons – David Beckham and Alfred Hitchcock – to Kentish Town, a cool, rather boho, but funky part of North London. Occasionally Amy Winehouse gets drunk here. So does Chris Moyles. We have all the best celebs.

Not only is this a big deal for both of us, and the start of the ‘next stage of our life together’, as the fella says, but it absolute proof that Kentish Town is better than Leytonstone. Bygones.

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