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The boy does something…

December 5, 2009

Yorkshire Boy and I have been having a Christmassy weekend together. So far we have stolen a (in hindsight hideous) Christmas decoration from a pub in Leytonstone – a white Christmas bear, a drunk snowman and a jolly santa, if you will; bought a Christmas tree in Islington – a Noble Spruce if you will; been to Waitrose and sampled mulled wine and bought mince pies – deep filled, all butter ones, if you will; and Yorkshire Boy has demonstrated with amazing prowess that he can fit a whole raw egg in his mouth – a Cotswold Legbar, if you will. I remain unclear as to why this was a necessary endeavour. 

We also pottered to our favourite pub, in the land that time forgot, to watch Man City beat Chelsea. It was not good for the whole fantasy football situation, but good for United’s attempts to maintain the Premier League title. Now he is chopping hundreds of Desiree potatoes and i’m blogging at the kitchen table, sipping the previously bought mulled wine, listening to When a Child is Born on the generic mp3 player… It’s all rather John Lewis catalogue actually.

Oh, and I decorated the tree (see below). It looks ace, and YB finished cooking in time to help me, he even put the angel on the top of the tree. (He’s a lot taller than me.)

P.S. Yorkshire Boy has just asked me what musical ‘When a Child is Born’ is from…ok then.

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