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This week is…

December 9, 2009

…going rather slowly. And Yorkshire Boy is busy busy being Christmassy at all his work-related Christmas drinks; which only makes me miss working in an office. That does not happen a lot. Working from home is a blessing of long lie ins, nice tea, tv-break lunchtimes, finishing work early and always being in for the postman.

So this week I have been working my little socks off, and listening Christmas music. Aled Jones is rocking it out right now.

And rather excitingly, yesterday a man from the council, (who never do ANYTHING for us despite the £70o a year we have to pay them in ambiguous ‘leaseholder charges’), came over and completely cleared our front garden. It now does not resemble a jungle gone wrong, but had flowerbeds, some paving stones (which I’ve never seen in the five years I’ve lived here), and a nice tree. And I didn’t even ask him to come. It MUST be Christmas, good cheer from the council is so far the best festive thing to happen.

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