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January blues…

January 7, 2010

I’ve been inspired recently by some of the other lovely  bloggers who have been talking about their ‘January blues’. I hate this time of year. There nothing to look forward to, everyone has given up everything – drinking, eating, leaving the house, being spontaneous, spending money, washing (hopefully not actually that), being happy, buying presents, smiling. It sucks.

In fact, it sucks so much, that the other night I found myself sobbing on the phone to Yorkshire Boy about it. I think he was rather alarmed, nothing is set to make a fella more gun shy than a woman sobbing for apparently no reason. And that’s exactly what I was doing.

He valiantly attempted to stem the tide of tears, (which had reached pitifully self-indulgent proportions by this point), with kind, soothing words and reassurances that it would all be ok. Then he gave up and resorted to the most effective device. The guilt trip. It went something like this:

Me: “There just nothing to look forward to, (much sobbing), it’s rubbish.”

YB: “Well, there is something….”

Me: “What, I can’t think of anything. Oh woe is me.” (More sobbing)

YB:  “My birthday. In three weeks. And we’re going to Madrid for the weekend. Remember?”

Me: (Silently sniffling and pulling myself together.) “Yes, of course darling, I hadn’t forgotten.” (I totally had).” It will be lovely. Thanks for cheering me up.”

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  1. January 11, 2010 5:15 pm

    OMG too funny! I’ve been drinking much less this month as well! While I’m with you that I will not stop completely but my glass of wine, beer or cocktail after work every day has been suspended I still drink on the weekends and if we are having a particularly delicious meal that MUST be accompanied by a bottle of wine 🙂

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