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To drink, or not to drink…?

January 11, 2010

Yorkshire Boy and I are being good for January and giving up booze. Well he is – i’m doing the rather  more complex (and therefore filled with get-out clauses) option of giving up for ‘four days a week’. Which of course is open to a lot of interpretation – I mean what really constitues a day – is it 24 hours? Or is it something bookended by a night? And if you’re out, must you stop at midnight or are you allowed to keep going until you fall over? And where does one week start and the other end? So many questions, so many bottles of Pinot Noir… 

Also, the problem with it, is on the days you’re allowed to drink you are suddenly faced with a rather confusing imperative to overdrink. “I’m allowed a beer today, I simply must not waste this opportunity,” and so on. 

So this Saturday was one of my ‘drinking days’, and while I was hell bent on indulging, Yorkshire Boy was still valiantly abstaining. Due to this – and the hateful, freezing snow – we decided on a movie and curry night – staying in, so YB wasn’t tempted by the propensity of cold, beerey nectar at our local.

We made a night of it, stopping after Movie One to lay the kitchen table and eat our curry on actually plates at an actual table, instead of on our laps using naan as both plate and fork. It was very civilised. We played Jack Johnson, and lit a candle. YB drank water, tea, lemon tea, water, soda and more lemon tea. And I drank wine. Though I drank a lot less wine than I might have had he been drinking too. Drinking alone is just a bit lonely.

And so, dear readers, this is what I’ve realised. If you want to drink less, don’t give up yourself, get your other half to give up for you. It’s the perfect solution.

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  1. January 13, 2010 10:12 am

    1. Dude you have a blog!!! It’s so fab!! I love it!!!

    2. At an actual table hey? We need to do more of that.

    3. I’ve drunk red wine every night since sometime last week. Do you think I have a problem?

    Bye xx

  2. January 13, 2010 10:35 am

    You don’t have a problem, you are normal – it’s just my overindulgent Christmas guilt making me want to be all virtuous. So pleased you found my blog, I’m loving yours –

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