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Country gal

March 2, 2010

It seems like YB has been away a lot recently, and last weekend was no different – despite suffering the vomits he was bravely at a stag do, dressing one of his best mates up in a pink gimp suit and downing too much vodka. These are the moment that make me so delighted not to be a boy.

Anyhoo, left on my tod I decided to opt for a weekend in the country and headed down to my father’s house to stay with him and his partner/lady/girlfriend/generic woman companion (I struggle with definitions) Lindsay. I love The Old Forge, where they live, a classic English country house complete with views across the fields and a very lovely aga.

We pottered on walks, wearing welly boots; picking up random bits of wood and coming across dead badgers (yuck).

We watched the Irish beat the English at rugby as my father danced around the house like a demented leprachaun; and we went for dinner at The Old Spotted Cow and ate Whitebait and Gurnard. That’s a fish, and not someone’s innards, which I originally thought.

I slept like a log in a big comfy bed, only to wake with a sniffly cold. I nursed the cold over the sunday papers and boiled eggs in their deliciously warm kitchen, did some work and then headed back to London via train.

It was civilised and lovely, and just what the doctor ordered.

YB on the other hand came home with a stonking hangover and spent the rest of Sunday complaining. Or so I’m told. The big move in is yet to happen; but watch this space…

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  1. March 2, 2010 8:20 pm

    Sounds like such a great weekend, I love that your Dad’s house has a name! That’s so neat 🙂 and the countryside must be lovely.

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