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Things I forgot in the madness…

March 15, 2010

So since starting Le Job I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit, which I feel bad about. Sorry blog 😦 It’s not personal and I don’t mean anything by it, it’s just that I’m not well set up to do my blog at work – with a laptop screen that LOTS of people can see and a boss with an uncanny knack for creeping up behind me when I’m doing something I shouldn’t be. So far she’s caught me:

  • Looking at pictures of Oscar fashion ‘hits and misses’
  • Browsing the extensive Ikea range of bedside tables
  • Booking a train to Gloucestershire
  • Reading Ginger Mandy’s blog
  • Updating my Facebook profile
  • Writing a rant about Gordon Brown being a twat for another blog I do.

And she just walked past me again. I shit you not. See? Uncanny.

Anyhoo the actual purpose of this blog was alert you all to the ever closer coming Move-in Day – which has been nominated as April 2nd; Good Friday. And it will be a very Good Friday indeed. I am proper excited. We’ve been planning the move in for about six months now, and it’s great to finally have a date and start planning.

YB is organising the important things, parking for his car, where his TV is going to go and making sure we can get Sky Sports in the bedroom. I’m doing much more important things like looking at Heals, Habitat, John Lewis and Ikea websites on a pretty much hourly basis now for crucial stuff like a milk jug, and tablecloths. And telling everyone I meet that we’re finally moving in together and are registered at Anthropologie where they can please purchase moving in gifties. Strangely this elicits more laughs than anything else.

And we’re making plans for what we can do when YB does move in. He wants to order our shopping from Farm Direct and have The Times delivered every Saturday. (I actually think that’s kind of adorable). And i’m looking forward to more of his thoughtful gestures – like last weekend when he went out to buy milk, cat food, cat litter and bin bags – and came back with a bunch of daffodils for me. They’re my favourite flowers. He rocks.

Oh and finally, welcome to Horse, a mutual friend of mine and YBs who has been reading my blog in secret for the last month. Don’t be shy Horsey, embrace the romantic within. If you’re very good I’ll one day tell everyone on here why you’re called Horse, and what a super duper story that is…

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  1. March 16, 2010 8:46 am

    getting the paper delivered is the single best thing we ever did as a couple – arguing over who makes the coffee, who gets the front bit – its a middle class wet dream 🙂

    my only advice – keep all media distractions (except music) out of the bedroom. there’s plenty to concentrate on in there without them!

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