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The big move, some lost tools and a beautiful camellia…

April 6, 2010

The big move in has happened!! And I can proudly announce that YB and I have been officially ‘shacked up’ for five days now – and we are both still sane and alive…

It’s been a very busy weekend with several trips to Ikea, garden centres and supermarkets, lots of building and sorting and throwing things out and trying to find things you’ve lost or which used to live in the left hand desk drawer but don’t live anywhere now since the desk was dismantled two days ago and you can’t remember where you put the contents of said drawer.

We are also yet to find two hammers, three screwdrivers and a yellow tape measure that went walkabout sometime during the weekend and are yet to make it back to the toolbox.

Still we search on.  

Aside from that it was an awesome weekend, the sun shone mostly, we laughed as we built a chest of drawers (and laughed a bit less when YB stuck his elbow through a piece of important chip board and had to return to Ikea to get the part); we cooked dinners, and lunches, and breakfasts; we met friends; met family; enjoyed the beautiful camellia my mother had bought us as a moving in present; we found space forYB’s socks and his golf clubs; we planted potatoes and put together a sofa; we had rows about shelves, bay leaves and the length of the Sky+ wires; and we agreed about where to put YB’s laptop,  not buying a lemon tree and that all the side tables in Ikea are far too big.

I discovered that YB is secretly a gardening guru, and he discovered that I am actually a total pro at builing Ikea* furniture – I managed to build a sofa and a set of shelves all. by. myself.

I rock. So does YB. This cohabitation thing is awesome.

* Please note: this blog is not sponsored by Ikea, or associated with it in any way. Any seemingly obvious product placement is pure accident and only reflective of the amount of damn chipboard and tacks we’ve wrestled with this weekend. Thank you. Bygones.

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  1. April 8, 2010 4:52 pm

    Yay! So glad things are going well so far. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend, moving can be such a pain. Things definitely get lost only to be found way later. I love your little Ikea disclaimer. We had to return to Ikea for a missing piece too but Ikea is over an hour away so it was awful 🙂

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