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Banking on the weekend…

May 4, 2010

I’ve been a bit absent from the blog recently, no real reason, life just took over somewhat.

We had friends to stay this weekend, Katy and Alex, which was lovely – and gave us a chance to cook, good and proper. We did a starter that I seem to trot out more times than I should really, but which I love – roasted garlic with oven baked camembert and ciabatta – a disgustingly delicious indulgence that makes me want to move to France and eat cheese all day. Then we did duck fillets with sweet potato and horseradish puree and shallot confit…I find duck damn near impossible to cook, cos i’m terrified of overcooking it, especially if i’m gasbagging at the same time, which I usually am, but I seemed to manage multitasking rather well this time around. And then I made berry and marscapone fools, which were gobbled down quite fast, which is always nice. Man, I love cooking, and I love cooking for friends even more.

Then we attempted to play poker and giggled as YB tried to stay awake despite having his ‘drunk and tired’ eyes on, which basically means his eyes are all rolled up into his head while his eyelids flicker desperately, like some kind old-fashioned Morse code, spelling out. I. Want. To. Be. In. Bed.            

Sunday dawned with a nice dose of torrentially repellent rain, but I loved that Katy insisted on wearing her bright pink maxi dress and sandals to the pub anyway, because, quite frankly, yah boo sucks to the weather – if it rains we’ll still wear summer clothes and have BBQs because we’re English and that’s what we do. We read the papers – good; watched the footie – bad; laughed at this video; and ate a late curry – no idea if it was good or bad, something to do with all the wine.

Then it was a gloriously lazy day on bank holiday Monday, spent mainly on the sofa or in bed watchinf Flashforward and The Good Wife. I love crappy tv.

Afterthought: Hmmm, if i’m honest, i’ve also not been posting because, i’m also feeling a little gunshy. And i’ve toyed with even writing this. Like a lot of other bloggers I follow, there’s always that moment when family and friends find your blog, and then read something out of context, and take it the wrong way. And it’s hard to know what to do.

I started this after being inspired by the blog of an old friend of mine that I have just recently got back in contact with again. She talks about her life with her new husband in a way that is simple, humorous and touching, without ever being offensive or cheesy. I wanted to do the same thing on my blog, and while it’s not half as close as hers to blogging perfection, it’s my contribution and it’s something I enjoy doing.

I also wanted to make an effort to make sure I keep writing the way I want to write, not the way my job dictates – one day i’ll be like Carrie Bradshaw and able to write whatever the hell I want, (mainly about shoes), but at the moment it’s just a lot of internal memos about the English mail system. Thrill. Ing.

I really don’t write this for any other reasons, than those – I guess it just keeps me writing, and in some ways it does make me think more about YB and I and where we going and what we’re doing – and at the same time seeing the humour in things – which is never a bad thing.

And while most people have been friendly and positive, there have been some comments that just seemed a little…well…hostile…which I simply don’t understand, because the only person I ever talk about on here is YB – and he couldn’t give a monkey’s what i’m doing. Or saying.

So, yeah, anyway – i’m just a little tentative at the moment, perhaps that is the accepted payback for basically publishing your diary on the worldwide web, and maybe it’s to be expected. A natural fallout from a new digital world of offloaded thoughts and feelings. Or maybe not. I don’t know. Either way, at this point, despite seriously toying with it, I’m not going to stop writing my blog, because that just seems like being silenced…

Bygones. That was also a rather long afterthought….

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  1. May 4, 2010 8:16 pm

    Sounds like a nice weekend! I love cooking for others but it can also stress me out because I’ll get super nervous about things not coming out good lol. And blog about whatever you want! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it.

  2. May 12, 2010 4:35 pm

    Whoop I’m famous! I’m on your blog 🙂

    Let the weird negative comments wash over you… write for yourself and for YB. If he doesn’t mind then there’s no issue. I think these men of ours actually like being the subjects of such talent, don’t you?!


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