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In which I live and learn…

May 26, 2010

It’s a bit late to be posting about the weekend. But there was a whole sunburn-related drama on Monday, and a busy-as-hell day on Tuesday, which leaves me flailing desperately in the pool of my own hopelessnes on Wednesday.

So, errm, thoughts on life and cohabitation. [Ponders whether she can come up with something meaningful.]  Nope. I’m all out.  But I can tell you a list of things I learnt this week.

1) The word bed – actually looks like a bed. Think about it…..see? Amazing.

2) Spending the entire weekend sitting on a roof terrace in the boiling hot sun with good wine and good company can only lead to headaches and sunburn on Monday.

3) Baz Luhrman – as I suspected – was right. I should indeed have worn sunscreen.

4) Life might seem rubbish, taxes are up, interest rates are down – but we have a great house, in a great city, and can afford nice wine and nice food and get to sit in the garden for two days of every week. That is not rubbish; that is good.

5) The view from my our roof terrace is really very lovely. And the sky was as blue as Europe on Sunday.

6) YB and I cook best in the kitchen when I tell him what to do and he does it. I am thinking we should extend this thinking to other parts of our relationship. Or at least he could adopt this as his tagline. It’s really very fitting. “Yorkshire Boy: I do everything she tells me.” I could get him a t-shirt made.

7) Potato plants are really  very big, and they kind of get in the way when space is at a premium.

8) Numerber eight with a bracket after it automatically turns into a simley face with shades on. See?  8) It’s wierdly fitting for this post though, so I don’t mind.

9) There’s something really cool about cooking dinner and pottering outside to pick herbs from a pot, rather than take them out of a bag in the fridge.

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