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In which I spout some opinions on Sex and the City…

June 9, 2010

I didn't even like any of Carrie's outfits so have used one of her in that fabulous dress from Paris...

It was really really dreadful. (Don’t worry, I have other, more in depth thoughts too.)

Such as:

  • Since when was it ok to portray all Arab men as either charming schmoozers or letchy mean men?
  • Since when was it ok to insinutate that all Arab women are repressed idiots, and then dress them up in Versace?
  • Since when did Sex and the City become a show with no heart, no soul and no depth?
  • Since when did Charlotte/Kristin Davis stop qualifying for a storyline more developed than her noisy kids and some crass comedy facial expressions.
  • Since when did Miranda/Cynthia Nixon get better and better looking?
  • Since when Samantha become an embarrassing slut and nothing else?
  • Since when did Liza Minelli have better legs than me?
  • Since when did laughing at someone else’s culture in a major Hollywood movie become ok…oh yes, Borat, and that was so brilliant.
  • Since when did any of the cast need to do anything for the money; because that is ALL they can have done this shambles of a film for.

It really left me cold. The most hardhitting storyline was Carrie snogging Aidan, calling Big to tell him, flying home from Abu Dhabi to find Big waiting with a huge diamond ring to remind her what it was like to be married. WTF? No really; it’s just so lame.

A couple of things rang true: Carries’ fear that her and Big would end up lying in bed every night watching TV slightly echoed my fear that the TV dominates mine and YB’s life too much, and reminded me how part of me really hates the TV in our room.

And her acceptance that it’s ok to not be going out on the town doing fabulous things ALL the time was also a good reminder about finding pleasure in quiet time together.

And the touching conversation between Miranada and Charlotte about the pressures of motherhood had glimmers of the old SATC at its best.

Liza Minelli singing Beyonce’s Put a Ring On It at Stanford and Anthony’s wedding was inspired, defnitely my favourite choice for a first song if YB and I ever get hitched.

And seeing Smith with his top off was a very lovely two and half minutes.

But the best thing about the evening was hanging out with my sister drinking champagne and eating cupcakes with Mr Big and I Heart NY in coloured icing on them. Sometimes being really girly is all you need.

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