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In which I try to keep up with the Joneses…(or just trying to blog regularly)

June 28, 2010

Wowzers, it’s been a fair few weeks since I graced these pages with my words of wisdom. I think a super speed run down of events would be a good way to keep you all informed of our domestic lives….


1) One night in casualty – yes, this was not so good. Some crazy drunken antics (not mine) with an escaltor led to a unspeakably dull seven and half hours in casualty, (or E.R to the Yanks reading this). Sadly there was no Dr Carter to soften the blow, just an increasing amount of randomly injured drunk people (including the one I was with), and some really incompetent doctors. How does it take SEVEN HOURS to see someone who has a moderate cut on their knee? SEVEN freakin’ hours. It was like Carry on Doctoring, or Medicine for the Mentally Impaired. A doctor took over two hours to sew up my friend’s knee; two hours to do a sewing job which a nurse later called ‘a disaster’. She said the doctor who dealt with us was ‘an incompetent butcher’. And my friend got an infection in the knee wound and had to have antibiotics. Hopeless. So glad my NHS quids are being well spent. Still the silver lining was what a trooper YB was, uncimplainingly he sat with us all night, keeping himself occupied by trying every different flavour of crisps in the vending machine, and then taking over the handholding duties when I decided to faint from all the blood and gore, stress and tiredness.  He even hates needles and blood and he STILL took over while I turned white and tried not to pass out. Hopeless hospital, nil; awesome YB, one.


Here is John Terry doing a seal impression to try and stop a goal, while his team mate thinks holidng onto his man tackle will help. It didn't

2) One world cup –  and a whole raft of disappointments. World Cup Fever here was dead exciting in the outset; I loved watching Spain, Agentina, Slovakia, Germany  and Brazil play – loved the shock defeats and underdog triumphs. Loved the flags and the camraderie, the lazy summer beers and the 7-0 games. It was awesome. But I hated watching England play; they were AWFUL. Total and utter RUBBISH. Every morning in the office the analysis would begin, every one putting forward their ‘expert opinion’. There is no need for expert opinion. We are not a team; we are not, as a nation, good at football anymore. We are really only a bunch of overpaid primadonnas who just happend to rock up on the same pitch at the same time wearing the same coloured t-shirts. That is not unity; that is not a team – that is just a fashion faux pas at a 90 minute party.

3) One hot birthday week – it’s been sublime weather here, and it was my birthday on Saturday. Not to be outdone by only having one day a year where I can legitmiately act like a princess, I invented Birthday Week a while back. It allows me a whole week of indulgence. And boy did I indulge: I had a week off, met girlfriends and my mother for lunch, got my eyebrows done, went for a facial, had some retail therapy, stayed up late, sunbathed, watched football and tennis, and treated myself to some top notch ME time. It was ace. And then on my birthday, I was greeted with croissants and tea in bed, and lots of LOVELY presents, before having lunch on our roof terrace in the sunshine. It was blissful. Especially waking up on my birthday to see YB, instead of getting a birthday text message from him. Those are the little things about living together that make it really awesome.

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  1. June 28, 2010 7:21 pm

    Sounds like a lot of excitement, happy belated birthday! Me time sounds like the perfect way to celebrate! Going to the ER is awful, I had to do it a few weeks ago when my Fiance cut his face, always a lot of waiting.

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